1. Following on from the publication of my project on The DIY Weapons of Maidan, CNN kindly asked me to come in for an interview to talk about the work and the situation in Ukraine. The finished piece can be seen here

  2. The DIY Weapons of Maidan - I recently returned from Ukraine where I completed a project on the home-made weaponry used by the revolutionaries of the Euromaidan protestors in Kiev. 

    This work appeared first in Wired Magazine’s RawFile and later in Dazed and Confused

  4.  Recent work from a story on Rohingya refugees living in the UK. 

    Saydul Islam with Ayesha Nijam and Nur Ankis Akter, in Bradford, United Kingdom.  

  5. If you’re in London today make sure to come check out Fishbar Photo Market. Great work available to buy from one Marco Kesseler, Broomberg & Chanarin, Lorenzo Vitturi, Paolo Pellegrin and many other great photographers. 

    176 Dalston Lane, 2-7pm

    (Source: marcokesseler)

  6. Recent work: Frieze Art Fair for The International New York Times. Slideshow HERE. Article HERE. 

  7. Recent work: KFC for the International Herald Tribune, article HERE. 

  8. Recent work: Tony Hogget head of Tesco Extra for The New York Times. Slideshow HERE. Article HERE. 

  9. Somewhere along the Blue Ridge Parkway, USA 2013. 

  10. Rose, Hackney studio, 2013.